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You really can’t go wrong with a professional roof cleaning company such as ours! Get in touch with us, let us know about your roof, and we’ll be there soon to clean it!

Roof Cleaning Services in Round Rock, TX

With our roof cleaning services, you won’t have to deal with a grimy roof anymore. Instead, you can just reach out to us and have our professionals clean it up! We are AllTex Home and Commercial Services, and we are the go-to roof washing experts in Round Rock, TX. We’re sure you would rather not climb to the summit of your property to wash a bunch of shingles or tiles. So keep your feet on the ground and have us climb up there instead. We’ll bring all our roof washing equipment with us as we do. That way, we can immediately begin working our magic on your rooftop. First, we’ll use special treatment chemicals to loosen up dirt and kill organic matter. Then, we’ll soft wash the entire roof surface, bringing your roof back to a clean and radiant state in no time at all. Not only does our roof washing restore the roof’s beauty, but it also helps the roof last longer. That dirt and debris could damage the roof if left there for too long, so don’t wait to contact us online and schedule an appointment! That way, we can come to your aid sooner rather than later.

Our roof washing services are a worthwhile choice for both residential and commercial clients. For starters, no homeowner wants a house with a filthy roof, and that’s why they contact us for the touch-ups they need. Similarly, business owners don’t want dirty rooftops either. This is especially noteworthy because dirty rooftops can actually drive away potential customers! So, if you’re running a hotel, restaurant, office, or another sort of commercial property, you just let us know if its roof needs our attention. We’ll be there soon to sort it out. And don’t forget our entire collection of commercial pressure washing services while you’re at it. We can make your property look its very best all around!

Roof Cleaning Companies in Round Rock TX

What We Do Best

Roof Washing Services Round Rock, TX

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

With our asphalt roof cleaning, you won’t need to worry about cleaning those asphalt shingles on your own. Instead, leave it to us. We’ll use a gentle soft washing technique to remove debris from your roof without scraping those shingles up. This technique will even kill unwanted organic growths such as moss, mold, and mildew.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Our metal roof cleaning is the answer to even the most stubborn stains on your rooftop. Yes, this even includes rust stains! We’ll use a rust removal chemical to defeat these marks once and for all. Then, a quick wash later, the metal roof as a whole will shine like never before. We think you’ll like what you see at the end of your appointment!

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Our cedar roof cleaning services don’t take us long to complete. (In fact, a standard roof washing job only takes us a couple of hours.) However, just because we work fast doesn’t mean we provide shoddy results. We will thoroughly wash all of your cedar roof, and if there are any tough stains left over at the end of your appointment, we’ll spend some extra time to do a chemical post-treatment.

Trustworthy Roof Washing Services With Spectacular Results

Don’t schedule roof washing services from any ol’ crew off the web. Instead, be selective and choose a company that is professional and prepared for the work! In other words, don’t settle for some unreliable team from the depths of Craigslist… opt for AllTex Home and Commercial Services, a five-star-rated company that’s been trusted in your area for a long, long time. We are fully insured, fully trained, and most importantly, experienced in providing all our services. That’s why you can trust us to clean your rooftop. We do the work quickly and safely, never leaving you waiting and worrying! 

Combine this with our reasonable prices, and you’ve got a winner on your hands. Call us at (512) 710-3535 to get a cost estimate today. All you’ll need to do is describe your roof to us, and we’ll be able to approximate the final price of the project. If you like what you hear, you’ll be able to confirm your appointment details shortly afterwards!

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