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If you’re tired of dealing with dirty surfaces, and you want professionals to clean them up, our pressure washing services are the right choice for you. At AllTex Home and Commercial Services, we love keeping Round Rock, TX clean, and we’re itching for the opportunity to clean up your surfaces next. What sorts of surfaces are you working with, anyway? From dirty driveways and parking lots to debris-coated porches, patios, and exterior walls, there’s a whole world of surfaces we can wash for you. It’s just a matter of contacting us online and scheduling your appointment! We’ll learn everything we need to know about your surfaces as we confirm all your service details. On the day of your appointment, we will arrive on time, unload our equipment from our vehicle, and check out your dirty surfaces. Then, feel free to watch as we use the power of pressurized water to make them clean! You’ll be amazed at how quickly dirt, moss, algae, and mold disappear under the force of our washing water. By the time we’re done, your surfaces will shine like never before, lending your property an improved appearance that will leave you smiling.

At this point, it’s clear that AllTex Home and Commercial Services can put your surfaces through the perfect transformation! However, that might leave you wondering if there are any hidden drawbacks to our business. You’ll be delighted to hear that there’s no “catch” to what we’re offering. We work quickly, and we provide affordable rates with no hidden fees attached. In other words, we’re the most convenient way to get smooth, bright surfaces you’ll love. You won’t regret your decision with us! We’re serious about those reasonable prices, by the way, and we’re ready to “put our money where our mouth is”. If you want premier pressure washing services near you, get in touch with us today, and we’ll offer you a free cost estimate. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying before you even schedule your appointment!

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Pressure Washing Services Near Me
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Concrete Pressure Washing

Our concrete pressure washing is the go-to method of transforming concrete surfaces for clients all across Round Rock, TX. The way we do it isn’t complicated. We begin by applying sodium hypochlorite to the concrete, causing any dirt and debris to quickly break down. Then, we use pressure washing hoses or surface cleaners to spray the concrete until it’s spotless.

House Pressure Washing

With our house pressure washing services, it’ll be easy to make your residential property glow! Just leave the process of washing the outside walls to us. Whether they’re made of brick, stucco, vinyl, or something else, our soft washing technique will leave them clean and even kill the spores of harmful organic substances such as moss, algae, and mold.

Roof Pressure Washing

Try our roof pressure washing and see the difference it can make! The way this service works is simple. First, we’ll chemically pre-treat your roof. Then, we’ll soft wash all the shingles/tiles, removing suffocating layers of debris and restoring your roof’s original color. You might be surprised at how much brighter and alluring your roof becomes as a result of your appointment.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services in Round Rock, TX

While it’s true we help out a lot of homeowners in our community, don’t overlook our commercial pressure cleaning services. These services are trusted by Round Rock’s business owners because, in many cases, they’re the key to drawing in more customers! Are you wondering how that could possibly work? Well, let’s talk about curb appeal together. Curb appeal is the idea that better-looking properties catch more people’s eyes. A business with lots of curb appeal will attract more customers than a dirty, unwashed competitor. That’s just common sense! You can schedule an appointment with us, have us wash your business’s surfaces, and reap the benefits of increased profits afterwards. Be sure to give us a call at (512) 710-3535. We’d love to make a positive difference at your commercial property!

Some examples of commercial properties we can wash include offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and even rental spaces such as apartment buildings. We also love working our magic at parking lots and parking garages. Whatever surfaces you have for us to wash, know that we pledge to work hard to achieve your complete satisfaction. That’s the AllTex promise!

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