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You can’t go wrong with our professional pressure washing in Lakeway, TX. That’s because our fully trained team of experts is always prepared to transform dirty surfaces, no matter how big they are and no matter what material they’re made of! We’re not kidding. From small wooden decks to medium-sized driveways and even enormous office buildings, when it comes to pressure washing, we’ve seen it all. So when you need someone to make your surfaces clean, don’t wait to contact AllTex Home and Commercial Services. You can click here to schedule an appointment via our website’s message form. Just let us know what you’d like us to wash, where we can find you, and when you’d like us to be there. We’ll provide you with a free cost estimate shortly afterwards, and if you like what we have to say, you can look forward to our arrival! We’ll be there on time with our entire pressure washing arsenal, as well as a crew that’s excited to get to know you and clean your surfaces.

On the day of your appointment, the very first thing we’ll do is review what we’re about to wash. That way, we can determine if a chemical pre-treatment is necessary. If it is, just give us a few minutes to put a safe, biodegradable cleaning chemical on the surfaces. This chemical will wear down tough grime so we can more easily wash it away. Next up: pressure washing! Using hoses or surface cleaners, we’ll spray the entire area, removing filth and restoring cleanliness like it’s magic. It may seem like a miracle, but it’s just a regular day at work for AllTex Home and Commercial Services. Before we go, we’ll give you a chance to review our work. Let us know if there’s any other way we can help you, and we’ll be sure to get it done. It’s always our pleasure to be at your service!

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House Washing Near Me in Lakeway, TX

You can’t go wrong with our house washing in Lakeway, TX, one of our most popular services! Homeowners all across Lakeway, TX appreciate our house washing services because they’re the secret to transfiguring any debris-coated house into a sparkling clean delight. In fact, it’s not just homeowners who appreciate our house washing. Local real estate agents love them, too, and that’s because, in many cases, an appointment with us is all it takes to finally land a successful sale. It makes sense if you think about it. Which is more likely to sell? A dirty house? Or a clean one? The end all is that no matter who you are, our house pressure washing will seriously make a difference for your residential property. So don’t wait to schedule an appointment with us! Call us at (512) 710-3535 to get started.

Let’s also explain how house washing works while we’ve got your attention. House pressure washing, as it turns out, isn’t the most accurate description of the process. Perhaps it’d be more apt to call it house soft washing. That’s because we use lower-pressure water, as well as cleaning chemicals, to gently remove dirt, algae, mold, and moss from your house’s exterior. The reason we don’t use pressure washing is because highly pressurized water can easily damage your outside walls. We don’t want to strip away paint, dent vinyl, or scratch up other delicate materials, after all.

House Washing in Lakeway Texas

Roof Cleaning Near Me in Lakeway, TX

With our roof cleaning in Lakeway, TX, the responsibility of ascending your property and cleaning the rooftop isn’t yours to deal with. Instead, our professional team will happily do this work for you! Our crew is excited to be at your service, and that’s the case whether you’d like us to wash the roof of your home, office, hotel, store, office, or any other sort of property, too. A combination of treatment chemicals and soft washing water is all it takes for us to remove all debris from your rooftop. This process will even kill organic growths like moss, algae, and mold. You’ll definitely want these off your roof because they can cause damage… and the more time that passes, the more damage occurs! So don’t let this problem get out of hand. Contact us sooner rather than later for the fast service you require.

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