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Looking for full-service pressure washing in Cedar Park, TX? If so, you’ll definitely want to contact AllTex Home and Commercial Services, your local pressure washing experts! We are a small business that knows a thing or two about making surfaces shine. We think it’s easy, so if you’d rather not do this work, you can just leave it to us. Contact us online if you’d like to schedule an appointment sooner rather than later. We’ll just ask for some information regarding your project—mainly, what sort of surfaces you’d like us to wash. (Don’t worry, because whether you’d like us to pressure clean your driveway, back deck, side patio, sidewalks, or something else, we’re prepared to get to work!) Next, we’ll arrive at your property on time with all the equipment we need for the work. Finally, just show us what you’d like us to clean, and we’ll hose it down, remove all the grime, and unveil to you some stunning final results. By the time your appointment is over, you’ll see why your neighbors swear on AllTex Home and Commercial Services. Surfaces that have been treated by us shine like never before!

Sometimes, surfaces are more difficult to pressure clean than usual. Some stains can even straight up refuse to be washed away. So, what do we do when this happens? The answer lies with our special treatment chemicals. These formulated compounds have one purpose: to break down tough stains and marks without damaging your surfaces. We’ll use these chemicals to destroy any stubborn stains before washing them away for good. Here’s the main takeaway. When you choose AllTex Home and Commercial Services, we’ll ensure that no dirt or debris is left behind. That’s because we want you to be 100% satisfied with our pressure washing services!

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House Washing Near Me in Cedar Park, TX

Our house washing in Cedar Park, TX is the best way to transform your residential property and free it from dirt and debris. The best part is that while our team does all the work, you can sit down and get comfortable! Our house washing services are important because the exterior walls of your property inevitably gather grime. As the months go on, they’ll eventually get dirty. What’s more, the longer they stay dirty, the longer they pose a risk of becoming damaged. Don’t let things get to this point. Instead, reach out to AllTex Home and Commercial Services, and we’ll spray those outside walls until they shine. It doesn’t matter what sort of material they’re made of. We can get it done! Some of the house exterior materials we wash include brick stucco, vinyl, wood, and more.

Got other surfaces for us to wash aside from your exterior walls? Just let us know about them, and we’ll happily transform them for you. A recently cleaned concrete patio or deck will make a great match for the newly washed walls. Additionally, we can wash your windows so you can have a wonderful view of the outside world when you’re inside your home. Heck, we can even spray down the entire fence surrounding your property, too. So whatever you’ve got for us, don’t worry, as we can make it clean! You won’t find a more thorough and flexible pressure washing business than us!

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Roof Cleaning Near Me in Cedar Park, TX

Instead of ascending to your rooftop and attempting to clean it on your own, why not try our professional roof cleaning in Cedar Park, TX? Our team is well-acquainted with the roof washing process, so you can count on them to bring the shine back to your shingles/tiles. It’s a quick, two-step procedure. The first step is chemical pre-treatment. We’ll use special cleaning compounds to weaken all the dirt and debris on your roof. This chemical pre-treatment will even kill all the moss, algae, and mold! The second step is a thorough soft washing. This will gently remove all the filth from your rooftop, providing you with a shiny surface that will leave the rest of the neighborhood enamored.

If you need roof cleaning in Cedar Park, TX, don’t wait to give us a call. Dial (512) 710-3535 to connect with one of our employees now. They’d love to learn more about your roof, as well as your desired appointment time and date!

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