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Why choose professional power washing services? Because it definitely beats having to do all the work on your own! There’s no need to do hours of physical labor and purchase your own arsenal of power washing equipment. Instead, embrace convenience and schedule an appointment with AllTex Home and Commercial Services. We are Round Rock, TX’s first choice when it comes to power washing, and there are many good reasons for this. For one, we are nothing short of professional. We understand all the ins and outs of power washing, so you can always count on us to get the work done correctly. Secondly, we are a fast, reliable team that can get you great results in a flash. We don’t make you choose between perfectly clean surfaces or a quick appointment—we give you both. Finally, our prices are reasonable, meaning our power washing services are never out of your budget. Looking for a free cost estimate? We’ve got you covered. Just contact us online and let us know about your power washing project today! We’ll get back to you before too long.

Now that you know why people choose our power washing, you might be wondering how exactly power washing works. Well, allow us to explain it to you. It only takes a handful of steps. We begin by doing a quick review of your surfaces. This helps us plan ahead and know what we’re getting into. From there, we’ll perform a chemical pre-treatment if necessary (to weaken tough grime), and then, we’ll power wash those surfaces to perfection! Power washing is an effective process because dirt doesn’t stand a chance against these mighty jets of water. It quickly removes even the deepest-seated debris, restoring the original color of your surfaces. Once we’re done with our work, your property will shine brighter than ever before. Your smile will sparkle, too! It’s easy to put a grin on your face when you’ve received service from AllTex! If you want expert power washing services in Round Rock, TX, give us a call today!

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What We Do Best

Power Washing Services Round Rock, TX

Concrete Power Washing

Dirty concrete won’t stop our concrete power washing pros from getting the job done right! The very first thing we’ll do is treat the concrete with sodium hypochlorite. This special chemical will quickly deteriorate all the dirt and debris on your concrete. (It will even kill moss, mold, and algae!) Next, we’ll power wash the concrete, removing all that filth in no time.

House Power Washing

A dirty-looking home can be sorted out quickly with our house power washing services. It doesn’t matter whether your home is made of vinyl, stucco, brick, or something else. We will restore its sparkle in a flash, and in the meantime, you don’t even have to stick around. Feel free to run some errands, and we’ll give you a call as soon as we finish our work.

Roof Power Washing

Our roof power washing takes what would’ve been a difficult task for you and turns it into a breeze. We will climb on top of your property and safely wash the roof, completely removing dirt, moss, and mold while exercising caution from the start of the job to the finish. Roofs washed by us last longer because the debris we remove would’ve caused damage if it stuck around.

With Our Power Washing Services, No Job is Too Big or Small

When you schedule our power washing services, you’ll be making a good choice no matter the size of your project! In fact, there’s no job too big or small for AllTex Home and Commercial Services. For example, if you have a small project for us—such as a patio or deck cleaning—it’ll be our pleasure to get it done. It might only take us an hour or so to complete! On the other hand, if you have a big project—for instance, a parking garage power wash—we can make it happen! The final cost of our services is based on the total surface area we wash, by the way. This means that no matter the size of your project, you’ll always pay a fair price.

Got any comments, questions, or concerns? Please don’t wait to give us a call at (512) 710-3535. We’ll be happy to help you out in whatever way you need us to!

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