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Why choose our landscaping services in Georgetown, TX? Simply put, landscaping’s no picnic. As satisfying as it is to have a nice yard or lawn, there is a lot of work that goes into creating it and maintaining it. Sometimes, you’ll struggle to find the time to do all this work, but don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. Instead, you can just contact Alltex Home and Commercial Services for the assistance that you need. When it comes to landscaping, we know what we’re doing, and there are many different ways we can help you. For example, maybe you need your lawn raked and aerated. Sure thing—leave it to us to remove all those fallen leaves and use our lawn aerator to help revitalize your landscape. Perhaps you’d like us to weed your flower bed and add mulch. Of course, we can do this for you, too. But that’s not all. We can also trim hedges, pick up sticks, remove gnarled brush, and so much more! If it involves working on your landscape, we can make it happen! 

We are interested in helping you, but the question is, are you interested, too? If so, don’t wait to contact us online right here on our website. Once we’ve got a good idea of what your landscaping project will entail, we’ll provide you with a free cost estimate. (It’s nice to know what your job will cost ahead of time, wouldn’t you say?) From there, you can expect us to arrive right on time for your appointment. We will be there with all the equipment we need for the work. And speaking of work, you can expect us to work hard from start to finish. We won’t be satisfied until your landscape looks pristine and you have a big smile on your face. After all, we always strive for complete customer satisfaction!

Landscaping in Georgetown Texas

Mowing Services Near Me in Georgetown, TX

With our mowing services in Georgetown, TX, the responsibility of cutting all that grass is out of your hands! You can leave this arduous task to the team at AllTex Home and Commercial Services. We’ll bring the lawn mowers, as well as a crew that’s ready to get the work done for you. You just point them to whatever grass needs to be mowed. Then, sit back and relax as our team leaps into action. It won’t take long for them to cut all your grass to a tidy, consistent length, and you’re welcome to watch the entire “show” if you’d like. Of course, you’re also welcome to go elsewhere if you have errands to run, people to meet, and things to do. Once we’ve finished mowing your grass, we will give you a convenient phone call to let you know that we’re done.

We are happy to mow for both residential and commercial clients. Let’s say that you have a humble backyard that you’d just rather not mow on your own. No worries—we will get it sorted out in an hour or so. On the other hand, you might have sprawling acres of grass around your commercial property. Well, we can put this grass in its place as well. The truth is that there is no job too big or small for us. Count on us to get it done for a reasonable price you can get behind!

Lawn Services in Georgetown Texas

Tree Trimming in Georgetown, TX

Our tree trimming in Georgetown, TX is a convenient way to remove unwanted branches from your trees. There are multiple reasons why you might want this. Allow us to explain a few of them to you. For one, your tree may have diseased or dying branches. These branches are detrimental to the health of the tree as a whole; because of this, it’s best to have us trim them off. The second reason you might want us to remove branches is because they are growing in directions you didn’t expect. Are you finding tree limbs that are approaching your windows, your porch, or your back deck? Then you’ve got a good reason to prune them away—or, rather, to have us prune them away!

Schedule your tree trimming services by calling (512) 710-3535 today. You’ll immediately connect with a member of our team who’ll ask some questions regarding your needs. Just let them know about that tree, and we can arrange your appointment!

Tree Trimming in Georgetown Texas

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