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Hey, neighbors, if you need professional concrete cleaning services, you’ve landed on the right website. Here at AllTex Home and Commercial Services, we’re always excited to serve our friends and family in Round Rock, TX, meaning we can be there in no time to clean your concrete surfaces! “That sounds great,” you might say, “but what sorts of concrete can you clean anyway? Oh, all kinds. Sidewalks, parking lots, parking garages, walkways, and driveways are just a handful of examples. That’s a wide spread of different structures, but believe it or not, the process of washing them is the same across the board. We always begin by applying sodium hypochlorite to the concrete. Sodium hypochlorite is a safe treatment chemical that wears down dirt and debris without damaging the concrete. After this chemical treatment stage is complete, we’ll progress into pressure cleaning itself. During this stage, we’ll use pressurized water to remove all the filth from the concrete, rapidly restoring the area’s shine in no time. This is all it takes for us to revitalize your concrete and put a big smile on your face!

Not all concrete cleaning projects are the same, so the amount of time we’ll need depends on how much concrete you have for us to wash. Additionally, the final cost of the project will scale the same way. Smaller jobs have smaller prices; larger jobs have larger prices. It just makes sense! You’ll also appreciate that AllTex Home and Commercial Services never adds hidden fees to your final bill. How wonderful is that? Reasonably priced concrete cleaning services that leave you with surfaces that radiate with clean beauty… what’s not to like? If this is something you’re interested in, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Just contact us online, and you can get your appointment on our calendar in no time. We’re looking forward to making your acquaintance!

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Driveway Concrete Cleaning

Our driveway concrete cleaning services don’t take long. We generally complete driveway washes in as little as one to two hours, which is a fast pace we think you’ll appreciate. During a driveway wash, we’ll be sure to remove tire tracks, oil stains, dirt, and other sorts of debris, too. Leave it to us and our surface cleaners to beautify your driveway in no time!

Sidewalk Concrete Cleaning

Sidewalk concrete cleaning is another one of our many concrete washing services. It doesn’t matter how much sidewalk you’d like us to clean, either. We’ll be able to get it done! For example, we can wash a short stretch of sidewalk outside your house just as we can wash an entire shopping center’s worth of sidewalk. We take on jobs both big and small!

Pool Deck Concrete Cleaning

Our pool deck concrete cleaning is instrumental to keeping your swimming pool a clean and relaxing place to spend your free time. Having us remove the dirt and debris from your pool deck will make it look good and last longer. On top of this, it will reduce the risk of slipping, which we think anyone who uses your swimming pool will appreciate.

Commercial Concrete Washing Services in Round Rock, TX

Just about every business you can imagine has some sort of concrete surface, and that’s why our commercial concrete washing services are so important! It’s thanks to us that all our local business owners can reinvigorate their concrete without having to spend time doing all that hard work themselves. For instance, if your parking lot has become covered with tire tracks and oil stains, you can have us transform the area until it’s as clean as can be. Or, if the sidewalks going around your business are completely coated with dirt and moss, leave it to us to wash all that debris away. In addition to this, we can also wash concrete walls, poles, parking garages, and anything else you can imagine that’s made of concrete!

So, are you looking for a concrete washing appointment? If so, don’t wait to call us at (512) 710-3535 and let us know about it! We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, meaning we can swing by and clean your concrete any day that isn’t Sunday.

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